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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 730am  CBS  August 21, 2011 7:30am-8:30am PDT

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beaten and two people shot at a >> you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. same if one person badly beaten, two people shot at a game between the 49ers and the raiders last night. a violent name-calling stadium security into questioning this morning. >> plus, an international plea from the family of hikers after both men were sentenced for spot -- for spying. >> and a letter to bart riders. what leaders say about the decision to shut down cell phone
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service. it is 7:30. thanks for joining us. i am ann notarangelo. >> and i and phil matier. we allow this to cover. talking about state school scores, how they have risen, but are they good enough? plus, joe carefully from the chronicle. we talk about the observations on the iowa presidential sweepstakes. first, police worm candlestick park after fans get violent in the battle of the day. >> right now i'm having critical condition after he was beaten inside the stadium in a separate incident two people were shot in the parking lot and one is in critical condition. take a look at this video showing how tempers boiled over during this preseason game between the 49ers and the raiders football fans swinging away in the middle of the packed stands. police moved through the crowds to break up a number of fights last night are you someone not the man unconscious. police say that attack was over to the beating of giants and brian stow at dodger stadium last
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spring. 26 are old man was assaulted just before 7:30 p.m. in an upper-level restroom. police said the reserve life threatening. the suspect is described as a samoan pacific islander male. he is 6-foot three weighing about two and 55 to 260 pounds. officers say the suspect had a goatee and long curly hair tied in a ponytail. 30 minutes later police responded to a parking lot shooting that left two men injured. the chronicle is reporting this morning that one of the people who were shot was wearing a t-shirt that said that the 49ers. police detained a suspect a few minutes later. a man wearing raiders clothing. he was found on a party bus. and now, you can see paramedics transporting one of the shooting victims to the hospital. officers say 24 of your man is in critical condition. he was shot in the stomach. the other victim is in stable condition. he has facial injuries. stomach in other news, a major setback for two caliber of its detained in iran for more than
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two years. >> the chief prosecutor confirms today that both were sentenced on charges including espionage. drew levinson explains their families international player of that national -- international appeal for help. >> no leniency for shane bauer and josh fattal. the government sentenced him to eight years in prison for illegally entering the country and spying. >> obviously, this is not the sentence that anyone wanted. >> the men claim they are not spies but were hiking in northern iraq in 2009 and mistakenly crossed to the iranian border. they have been behind bars since. our cm save was arrested with them but was released last year on a half million dollars bail. she recently led this loudly outside the iranian mission to the u.n. >> the fear for them and the
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unknown, the uncertainty. it really just gets heavier and heavier. >> the families had also appealed here to the united nations calling for the u.n. special investigator on human rights in iran to look into the case. >> the state department said shane and josh have been imprisoned too long and it is time to reunite them with their families. the americans attorney felt a pardon would come during the islamic holy and not. now senator cloture is hoping the arabian government will overturn it. >> there are cases in the past where the sentence has been handed out in the iranian government or the judiciary has shown compassion. >> no word yet if the two years men have been behind bars will count toward their 8-year sentences. cbs news, new york. >> as he mentioned, the hikers or deal is now in its third year are you the first -- the first detained the trio back in july of 2009. their mothers have been allowed to
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visit but -- their fate still remains very much in the air. so reckless or to home. a fight at a birthday party in the east bay led to a deadly shooting. a 16-year-old boy and 17-year- old girl shot at home on seville circle last night. the boy later died at this -- at the hospital. the girl is expected to live. officers say it looks like the suspect and victim knew each other when they started fighting verbally. no arrests have been made. >> a controversy over the decision to cut off cell phone service has prompted the board to re- examine the desertion. they will be doing that officially on wednesday. the board members have found themselves in a crossfire between advocates who say that they restricted free speech by shutting down cell phone service in some of the stations during the protest and the police who said they were actually just trying to maintain public safety. the trouble began after a july 3rd shooting by bart officers at
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the state platform. they decided to shut down wireless service for passengers for about three hours. fearing wednesday's public meeting, the board will discuss policies on shutdown and first amendment issues for passengers. >> meanwhile, in a letter to raiders, the board president defended the shutdown and explained why the board took the action. he says that the interruption to prevent a threat to public safety so far the protesters haven't affected ridership levels. libby and tater mobar gaddafi's grip on power may be ending. libyan rebels making their advance on tripoli, and the frontline is less than 20 miles from the capital right now. there are reports that gadhafi and his two sons may have already left the country. triple he has a stronghold since the libyan civil war began. yesterday rebels seized the
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coastal city just 30 miles from the capital. was an obama expected to release a new jobs plan very soon. >> on face the nation, they want to know what, is it going to fix our broken economy? nora or donna will interview john mccain on the republican side and former head of the democratic national committee to give the administration's point. it starts at 8:30 right here on cbs 5. >> coming up, fixing one of the worst schools in the state. we will talk to a man who booked all the trends. >> and nearly a million catholics had to sing. why some are protesting the religious event. >> and $2 gas from the tea party darlings very we will look at the other big problems from the campaign trail. >> and how we go. cloudy and cool conditions prevail throughout the day. we have alone makes them hard way. i will have all the details coming up in your complete forecast in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pope benedict the 16-th lebrated mass in mad >> 20 minutes before 8:00. at nearly a million catholics showed up for world youth day. >> pulp benedict the 16th celebrated a mass in madrid a few hours ago. thousands of protest at the high cost of organizing this event during the countries deep economic crisis. spain has a 21 piece on unemployment rate, nearly 5 million people are out of work. it lets check in with jim bernard for our weather forecast. it's been an awfully cool weekend, but a warm-up is in store for you. >> it's going to be brief. cloudy and cool conditions out there this morning. a steady onshore breeze and lots of fog is standing all the way it went into tri-valley area. you will see cloudy skies out there this morning. we are looking for that to retreat through the day and for a little afternoon sunshine.
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but it will be slow to clear across the bay and back in the beach. we will look for partly cloudy skies to continue this morning for the inland areas. temperatures peaking in the upper 70s to low '80s are you, once again, that's four or 5 degrees below normal. as we move back to the bay, marine is slowly clear but we look for mid-70s courier cloudy and cool all day along the shoreline, as you would expect. steady seabreeze will continue today and continued cool conditions, even if there's a drizzle along the shoreline this morning. the mixing has to do with the beginning of the week when the high pressure system backs toward the beach and brings a bit of a southerly flow into the area. along with that, a few thunderstorms or potential for a few thunderstorms here by tuesday night moving up from the south and a bit of mixing through the early part of the week will result in less fog and a slight warm up across the area. that should put us in the upper '80s, maybe one ids. again, a very slight chance of
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any showers with that underserved development. it will probably be dry lightning, if anything. i would look for that in the southern mountains. that will be gone by tuesday evening. we see conditions alarming into next weekend before the onshore breeze returns to cool us down again. now we are not out of the fog season yet. more to come, but pretty mild conditions likely to continue for the foreseeable future. >> that looks ominous. >> wait a minute, 90 on friday. what is mild about that? >> 88, then 90, that's pretty easy-going for us. >> we are coming at him with the tough questions. >> i wish the numbers were better for the state of california schools. >> speaking of, new report out showing some very grim numbers. a new tracking system reveals that in the state have a 1-4 chance of dropping out of school before
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their senior year. also more than 17,000 california eighth-graders never even make it to his gold. >> one san francisco elementary school is bucking the trend. we have the principle here who has managed to turn around one of the worst schools in the state. he's a principal for john mayor elementary school in san francisco's western addition. i was fascinated by these numbers. we have the grim numbers, but we have the state actually being happy, the fact that the proficiency in reading in english and math had risen. then i was turned around because it was the headline for you than ever the story that they'd risen to 50%. i am sort of taken aback that we are celebrating the fact that half the kids can read english and do math at grade level proficiency. we consider that success? >> it's certainly not success. it was a step in the right direction for the state. it was a step in the right direction for school. nobody is satisfied with these
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results. >> it seems to me that it's the most critical area in the early years maybe grades one through three. you've got to get these kids to at least start reading at some kind of efficiency otherwise the trend is just when to pull out without them. >> yeah, that was our basic philosophy this year. so the schools are focusing on teaching children how to read and comprehend at grade levels. without that, there's very little else they can do. >> there is these state test and national tests for benchmarks. have those been the railing of the curriculum? i've heard a lot of teachers complain about the fact that they have to teach specific things instead of the skills they want to work on because of these conditions. >> i think benchmark assessments are a special. we have to have some gauge for our students are mastering the standards. when they are based on meaningful reading standards late hours are, i think they are real hope for. >> tell us about your school. >> it's a small elementary school, 225 kids.
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40% latino, a third english learners. >> so that is the demographics that are really at the bottom of the numbers we were talking about. >> the challenge is, why is it they are having problems reading, and what is it you have done to change that? spam it well, i can't exactly tell you why they are having problems reading. i inherited a school like many schools that has persistently low achievement levels. my job is to try to do something about it. i think it's pretty simple. think the battle is won in the classroom. great classroom teachers can publish command is results. so it focused on training our teachers on the best practices in reading. >> your school showed tremendous improvement. what can you offer to other schools out there who are begging for some sort of advice with a dwindling budgets, teacher layoffs. what can schools do now? >> i am no expert at this. there are lots of people struggling. i just want educators struggling
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with it, and we had one good year. i think doing a few things really well and putting all of your eggs in that basket has been really successful for us or you we didn't pay a lot of attention to a number of other things we could have at school. >> like what. >> we didn't spend a lot of time on professional development and mathematics. our scores dipped him and i'm not happy about that, but you have to draw a line in the sand somewhere. we decided reading was where it was. attracting good teachers, training them, and trying to retain him is really my falsity. >> it's interesting. while the state has risen its proficiencies up to the 50% level, that's a significant increase since it or nine years ago. this is a time when the numbers are getting better when budgets are being cut. there seems to be a bit of a paradox there. >> money is not going to solve the problem. it certainly can help it. maybe school districts that had to focus on what the central for
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these last couple years, i feel blessed to be in a school district that is explicitly trying to deal with the achievement. >> really quickly on that, focusing on the basic, is that what part of the problem seems to be that some of the schools have got off kilter with the 3 r's? >> i didn't mean to say we are focusing just on the basics, but narrowing what we do down to a couple things. i do think we have to focus on basic reading instruction, basic math literacy, of course. i don't know that focusing on just the basic skills instruction is the answer. >> i have a feeling this debate is going to be ongoing. >> thank you. well, this may not be a good time for the vacation for the commander in chief. we've heard a lot of criticism about that about how the job debate. >> also another look at the gop race for the white house.
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we will see how texas governor rick. stacks against the crowd. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a bold p cement under president bachman, you will see dazzling come down below $2 per gallon again. that will happen. >> that's a bold promise when tea party darling michele bachmann
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spoke in south carolina earlier this week are you shooting give any details on exactly how she would lower prices. on the heels of the low poll numbers plus the roller coaster move on wall street, many candidates jumped on president obama for jetting to martha's vineyard. >> it's the visuals, it messages. that's one of the reasons why we sat down with our san francisco mayor willie brown and san francisco chronicle political reporter joe bear fully who just came back from covering the gop candidates in iowa. >> no vacation for that guy. >> not unless you consider the state fair of vacation. i want to know what the impression was about the newest presidential entry, rick perry, the former governor of texas. here was joe's idea. >> this man is full of charm, even more than willing, i think.
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>> he's a fellow texan. >> but he's been there. it's genuine. that's the one thing about him. >> you are right. he is full of charm. >> he just embraces people like in natural politician, beautiful. more charm in rick perry than eight months of that romney. he has a lot of baggage. we are going to have a story in the next -- in the chronicle are yet he talks about the texas miracle. 40% of the new jobs in america are coming out of texas. but it is mostly in the roche. these are very low income jobs, low-wage jobs. one out of every four texans has health care. 20% of texans live in poverty. half of the kids in texas live in poverty. >> that's not what rick perry has. with the nation, all these details you talk about, it does not translate. all of the scribes will
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designate him as the governor running the most successful campaign. >> the others in iowa, how are they doing? michele bachmann, for example,? >> that romney just had kind of a toe touch there. he came in, shook a few hands, then took off. better than four years ago, but very stiff. bockman, she killed them. she has about four talking points. obama is a one term president. the other day she said she's going to bring gasoline prices down to $2. >> that's what she said. >> she didn't have a plan, but she said she would do it. >> meanwhile, president obama is tooling around the same neighborhood a little bit north of the million dollar plus talking about the economy. his approval ratings -- is there a subbasement? cynic 39% right now. >> he's lower than that according to the poll. >> in the economy he is way
7:54 am
down. >> this is not about stats. it's not about how america is handling the e national, international. it's whether or not i can now work. can i cover health, problems with my children? can i make sure that my kid gets what he has been denied? the sooner that starts to happen, the better off all of us will be. particularly barack obama. >> and if it doesn't? >> if it doesn't, that could be an increase in the number of people unemployed. >> and not voting for him -- voting for obama. >> what do you think of that? was president obama justified in taking this vacation? >> the president never really takes a vacation. when he goes to martha's vineyard, everything follows him up there very in but it is the visual. america looks at that in an
7:55 am
election year and they react to it. joe was saying he should have picked something a little more on the commentary but then what you are doing is everybody sees it and goes, now you're just doing it as a campaign theme. >> what, does he go to disney world with the kids? that's not going to work either. >> but everybody is out there right now in the symbolism and season in presidential politics. that's where something like we price our $2 gas. can you do that without some kind of heavy hugo chavez type subsidy? i don't think so. but everybody is out there. they are throwing out -- it's summertime between now and labor day. i think most of campaign is going to be little soundbites, and then things are going to kick in. you might as well go to martha's vineyard. when he comes back, it is rolling to their all-time. >> he knows about that because it's been rolled up their all-time for several months for the sky. >> next up, a major
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investigation underway. >> after a night in violence at candlestick park at the battle of the bay. >> this is just one of the stadium fight that broke out. more on those violent attacks and the conditions of the fans injured. >> balancing first amendment rights with passenger safety. bart responds to raiders. ,, sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams.
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] unlike some car companies, nissan is running at 100% which means the most innovative cars, are also the most available cars. nissan, innovation for today. innovation for all. "the battle of the bay" football game turns violent in the
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stands and in the parking lot outside... fans were beaten and two people were shot... the >> the battle of the day football games turns violent in the stands and in the parking lot outside as fans were beaten and two people were shot. the latest on the victim's conditions. >> in a letter to bart riders. what readers say about the decision to shut down cell phone service. >> and numbers of limited formal bargain on the. the rebel strategy for moving in on the capital. >> welcome back to weekend early edition. the time is 7:59. good morning, i'm phil matier. >> and i am ann notarangelo. we have a lot to talk about in the next half-hour including the violence last night at candlestick park. >> that's right. a little discussion about iowa and presidential politics, a little bit
8:00 am
about those gotcha moments. how real are they and how important are they as we shake who runs against barack obama? but first topping our news is questions about security at candlestick park after violence hits the battle of the day. >> right now i'm in a critical condition after he was beaten inside the stadium in a separate incident, two people shot in the parking lot, one in critical condition. take a look of the video. it shows how tempers boiled over during the preseason game between the 49ers and raiders last night. football fans swinging away. police moved through the crowds to break up several flights last night. one of the worst, someone knocked a man unconscious. police say that attack was similar to the beating of brian stow at dodger stadium last spring. the 26-year-old man was assaulted just a 47:30 in an upper-level restroom. police say his injuries are
8:01 am
life-threatening. the suspect is described as a samoan pacific islander man about 6-foot three weighing around 255 pounds. police say the suspect had a goatee and long goatee hair. 30 minutes after the beating attack, police responded to a parking lot shooting that left two men injured. the chronicle's reporting this morning that one of the people who was shot was wearing a t-shirt that said that's the 49ers. police detained a suspect a few minutes later. a man wearing raiders clothing. he was found on a party bus that was about to leave the stadium lot. you can see paramedics transporting one of the men shot to the hospital. officers say the man is in critical condition and was shot in the stomach are you the other victim is in stable condition. he has a facial injury. >> meanwhile, ran has confirmed the eight-year sentences for two caliber of the two have been detained in iran for more than
8:02 am
two years. shane bauer and josh fattal have been charged with illegal entry into iran and espionage. the men and a third american were detained back in july 20091 hiking along the short has been released on $500,000 bail, and she was able to return back to the u.s. back in september. >> the most difficult thing i have ever had to do is leave prison without shame and josh. that day they were smiling. they were beaming. they were so happy for me. they were still hopeful that they would soon follow me. >> they still deny the charges of the two hikers saying they were only hiking near an ill defined border. the two have 20 days to appeal the decision. >> a controversy over cutting off cell phone service has come to the bart board to re-examine the decision as they do that on wednesday very important members are hoping to direct focus over the shutdown away from trains and
8:03 am
passengers. the trouble began after a july 3rd shooting. officers shot a man on a station platform. during a public meeting held wednesday morning, the board will discuss new policies on shutdown and first amendment issues for passengers. were president defended the shutdown and explained why the board took action. he says the interaction did prevent a threat to public safety. so far the protests have not affected ridership levels. >> and in the east bay, police are still investigating the shooting that a two-year-old boy to the hospital. the incident happened yesterday afternoon near international boulevard in oakland. according to police, the child was shot in the arm. his family drove him to highland hospital and his wounds were not found to be life-threatening. but this just comes a week after a shooting a few blocks away left
8:04 am
a three-year-old dead. strike libyan dictator mobar gaddafi's grip on power may be ending. that's what officials in washington believe. there are reports that he and his two sons have left country. >> this as rebel troops to her and the capital city of tripoli. they did seize the coastal city 30 miles. alex crawford was there. >> reporter: this was a battle they couldn't afford to lose. and they brought everything up to try to finish the job. street by street, inch by inch, they pushed forward. their advance sputtered. they couldn't see their enemies so they had to give the bait, even if it was themselves a
8:05 am
crisscrossing of the road knowing the government was at the end of it. >> they don't know to shoot at. now they are trying to draw to finish the job off. >> once inside the square, they had to hold it and hold it they did. the men were outnumbered and out maneuvered, and their wounded were abandoned as they fled. they have waited since march for this moment, and they were savoring every second. the green flags favored by the regime were torn down.
8:06 am
they will be on their guard for any retaliation now, but the aim is to push on to tripoli. they faced a weekend at fe military. it may not be the the same on the road into the capital. >> that was alex crawford reporting from libya. >> the summer theme parks even is almost over, but local theme parks are hiring for hauling. i got a chance to check out the job fair yesterday. a big crowd showing up to apply, even though the jobs will only last through october. temporary part-time jobs, most of the people in line are trying to stack up all of the part-time jobs they are working while they try to find full-time work areas in the guitar to find a full-time, but as of right now i just keep looking. keep looking until you get something. >> it's really difficult actually right now. i've been looking on the internet for a long time. >> demand for jobs as high but there are encouraging numbers on an planet from scout base. unemployment rates are some of
8:07 am
the lowest in california. >> six flags also hiring for their big holding facilities are you just today they held ones for zombie, goals, and they also hired singers and dancers. additions continue next saturday. check out the theme parks website if you want to apply. it actually looks at the fungi. >> speaking of holiday fund -- >> some say the president, as we talked about, should have skipped that trip to martha's vineyard. >> that's right. next up, the media spend over vacation news and issues that matter to americans voters. it's our political insiders sound enough. >> and celebrating pride when the first gay pride celebration happens. >> and it still summertime around the bay with a classic summer pattern here. low clouds, fog, and slightly cooler temperatures than you would expect this time of year.
8:08 am
35-the around the bay. we will take a look at the potential for sunshine or a little warmer temperature range coming up in just a few minutes. ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that.
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crowds gathered in san jose's discovery meadows park this weekend. t >> sing it, girl. crowds having this weekend celebrating pride festival. this year seen is moving forward together. it's been 40 years since the first day rights rally area the event continues today from 11:00 to 7:00 to. >> so if anybody is heading down that way or in and around that neighborhood, what kind of whether are they looking at customer. >> i was in santa clara yesterday, and it's not one. it's supposed to be summer there, right? you expect it. >> would you think one summer? maybe not. we see cloudy and cool conditions continuing. only a couple degrees below normal. san jose in the mid to upper 70s. here is our look from our camera. you can see lots of low clouds hugging the mountains. it's kind of hard to tell you what where you are at.
8:12 am
extensive clouds that today will be slow to clear through the day. it will clear out first in east and south bay and extreme north eight while it continues to hug at the immediate day all day. the marine line is slow to clear. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s for warmer locations. cooler across the peninsula. we did see a bit of sunshine yesterday but it didn't last long as the low clouds moved in again. steady onshore flow across the area to maintain that marine layer. it looks like it will prevail through the day today. continue cool conditions can be expected. however, we look for a bit of a change come tomorrow and through midweek as we see a slight bit of mixing. it does high pressure system off in the western portion of the country here actually is expected to back up a little bit. that will hold all of the soft and with a slightly larger and along with subtropical moisture moving out from the south. it could be some billups over the mountains are yet as we see, a bit of missing a earlier in the week which should dissipate the fog layer are you the chance of the
8:13 am
love and dry lightning is very slight for us. nonetheless, it's in the forecast so you may want to keep the heads up on that as that will be tuesday evening. for today no buildups to speak of, just the marine layer is very deep running about 2500 feet out there. at least slow to go, nbc temperatures peaking in the mid to upper 70s, they be a low 80 out there today. where the fog lingers, mid to upper 60s on the peninsula and back to the beach. slow 60s up to 50 today as the cloudy and cool and breezy conditions will continue through the day. and then as i mentioned we see a bit of a bump in the beginning of the week are you a slight chance of buildup on tuesday, but i want to emphasize a very slight chance. the main effect will be a bit of a mixing which should dissipate the fog layer and bring warmer temperatures to the area through the end of the week into next weekend. of course, we are in prime fog season, so it's not going to disappear entirely. it will still linger along the
8:14 am
shoreline. once it moves in, things cooled down. >> cooldown. typical summer front. >> i have my ion this little midweek warm up i'm looking forward to. and i know you are downplaying it, but i still look forward to it. ask for that. >> so many cameras on the campaign trail now days, and plenty of chances to catch a mistake or two a by presidential hopefuls. you've probably heard this one. >> before we get started, let's all say happy birthday to elvis presley today. happy birthday. >> that's michelle bought been wishing the king of rock 'n roll at happy birthday on tuesday. problem was that today marks the anniversary of his death instead. campaign bloopers distracting voters from the real issue? >> it's a question. does it say something about the candidate? no sooner do they have over, then the talking heads on tv and radio job over that area so we turn
8:15 am
to two of our political insiders to have a big long discussion about that. >> know, about the system and how works are yet they are no strangers to sitting in the little room with a camera on them. a former mayor willie brown. we've got real issues. are they getting tossed to the side? let's go. >> substance doesn't compile as easily as making my case. how do you make a mistake on the case? i mean, you can't do that. on the other hand, $2 per gallon. i want to know when she is going to start that, because the day she starts that i am going back to my issue very at. >> but what was the level? what was it that we didn't see? we saw all of these county fair bit
8:16 am
round the signals. but what were they actually saying as far as this? >> with take the corporations are you i was actually 5 feet away from that romney. weise posted extended video on it. he actually handled the situation very well. people were trying to say, why don't you tax corporations more customers he was tried to explain to them and it got heated. but he was fairly calm in that. now, he said something that was goofy by political standards. he said corporations are people too area within literally five hours, it was cut into a commercial by the democratic national committee. it is airing in iowa right now. his camp also made it into a campaign video and included that segment. >> somebody like you is getting a call from msnbc saying, can you come down to the studio or whatever and be on a three or 4000 discussion to discuss the ups
8:17 am
and downs of whether corporations are people very at. >> that is correct. >> but corporations today are people. what does that say that is so grand that everybody has to jump on it as opposed to where he might be on iran, iraq, and everywhere a? >> if you use that as a jumping off point to talk about what he feels about corporate taxation, that is a big issue right now. should we raise the amount of taxes on corporations? should we raise it on high income individuals? if you use it to talk about corporations are people too, that's a limited conversation. >> let me ask you. what is the jumping off point went to shul bobbin accuses elvis presley's birthday from the day he dies. >> what does that say on the great macro? >> you can say, is this person ready for prime time? put it in context. is she making a series of mistakes of trivial matters of of greater match of -- or of greater
8:18 am
matters. i am more concerned about someone who can wave of want and say i can bring about $2 per gallon gasoline. >> president obama, the visuals of him flying off to martha's vineyard. are you going to parse that out for four segments on the talk show? >> frankly, he has been pillared for going on vacation to martha's vineyard. most of us can't go to martha's vineyard under any circumstances. it's not like it's a place you can call and get a space. >> i would think you would be better off where he is from. >> how about lake michigan or something like that? midwest. >> know, how about new orleans. >> but that state is not in playing. michigan is playing.
8:19 am
>> our issues are substantive. >> the problem is the little things like messing about with his birthday is that they are easy and they are funny and people don't want to get into the big issue. >> years ago political consultants slated to me. i said, why? he said, the american public doesn't get billions and millions. they don't. >> it's a really hard thing to conceptualize. >> that if you can point out a misspent nickel, they get it. so whether it is former president bush saying this is new that they have signals on the checkout line that show he was out of touch with the economy or michele bachmann or somebody else doing the blooper, everybody can point to that because everyone understands it as opposed to the complexities of the security exchange commission and the federal reserve. >> and it's entertaining.
8:20 am
>> never undersell political entertainment. all the way to lincoln's log cabin, everybody likes a little something they can quickly understand. >> coming up, the san francisco is -- in the worst team in major league this fall takes down san francisco world champions. highlights and low lights next in sports when we come back.
8:21 am
8:22 am
and the giants struggle through an >> the raiders and the 49ers faced off in a battle of the bay. >> that's right, and the giants struggle to another game in houston. tim coyle has it all. >> good morning, everyone. there were not too many positives for the raiders last night, with the starting defense to force two turnovers in the first quarter. alex smith completed eight of 13 passes for 126 yards. berlin edwards incredible
8:23 am
one-handed catch set up a field goal. edwards had two catches for 40 yards. they dominated on the ground in the second half. 53 yards later the niners have to first touchdown of the preseason. a run for over 200 yards and beat the raiders 17-3. it just keeps getting worse for the giants taking on the worst team in baseball. a chance to sweep the series is today. fortunately, the diamondbacks have also hit of us catch. they lose their fourth straight. the braves now have an eight- game lead in the wild-card race. finally, geo gonzalez wins for the first time in six starts. the a's beat the blue jays 5-1. that's a look at sports. have a great day. >> we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:24 am
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8:26 am
continues into the violence at candlestick park. >> select welcome back to weekend early edition. the through 09 and through candlestick park. >> a man in critical condition following a severe beating during the game last night. in a separate incident, doctors treated to people who were shot in the parking lot are you one in the stomach. that man is in critical condition. >> and the iranian lawyer for the two california hikers sentence for espionage says he will appeal -- says he will appeal the decision. the nation's prime minister says he hopes they will be released soon. >> president obama expected to release a new job's plants in you face the nation talks about that. will that actually fix the broken economy a summer nor a
8:27 am
o'donnell interview senator john mccain and former head of the international committee. that's her threat after this broadcast in a couple minutes on cbs 5. a quick check of the weather before we said goodbye for the morning. >> a cloudy and cool weekend. looks like it continues through the day. we see up slow clearing. temperatures a couple degrees below normal. a little more sunshine and a little less fog. a very slight chance of buildup with dry lightning. again, i want to emphasize slight chance on that. as we say, warm through the end of the week into next weekend. and a quick check of the current tropical storm picture. tropical storm i read off puerto rico are you using the forecast as it heads toward miami becoming a category one hurricane here through the week into thursday. it should be approaching miami if the forecast holds, true. we will keep an eye on our
8:28 am
subtle fluctuations here on the west coast and hope for a little more sunshine and a bit of a warm-up through the rest of the week. >> we deserve a little warmer temperatures. >> just no season for fairs and festivals. >> now we have one of these growth stories of obnoxious food. this one is coming from ohio. the national hamburger festival going on. it's take a look at that video. this weekend i festival introduced its first ever deep-fried cheeseburger. this letter sized burger is dipped in a sweet daughter that kind of think it looks like a funnel cake. the invaders as he got the idea from his wife and daughter who loves locate enabled burgers. so he described his deep fried concoction as a one pot meal for the family. would you eat this? >> followed by other fried twinkie. and a fried snickers, right? that's it for today's weekend
8:29 am
early edition. i want to thank you for joining us. >> your next newscast comes up at 5:30. stay tuned to cbs 5. we will follow the incidents from last night at candlestick for throughout the day. face the nation is coming up next. [ female announcer ] make after school even more fun with totino's pizza rolls. big pizza taste in a bite size roll that my kids can't resist. plus i get two box tops for their school. totino's pizza rolls. the pizza way to snack. and safeway's 10% back to schools program, now there are two ways to earn cash for your kids school. from august tenth through september thirteenth look for products marked with the yellow bus and earn even more by signing up for e-box tops


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